Miami Party Bus FAQ

Detailed catalog of commonly asked questions and answers

Are those who are under 21 years of age allowed on the party buses?


Yes they are! We only ask that if they are, that there is no alcohol on the buses. We are great for everything with children from birthday parties to proms.

What if we are going to end up extending past our reserved time?

No Problem!

If you are having fun or something gets delayed, it's not an issue. Your agreed to hourly rate will continue and will be due in cash to the driver.

Are there any hidden fees that we should be aware of before reserving?

Not A One!

We don't believe in deceptive business practices. We tell you everything up front before you agree to anything. The only fees you may incur are for overages or damages.

Are we permitted to have alcoholic beverages on the bus?


Given that you and all of your guests are of legal drinking age absolutely. We are unable to provide these drinks to you but you are more than welcome to bring you own.

Some of my guests are smokers, will they be able to smoke on-board?

No Fumar!

There is no smoking allowed, no smoking of anything, before the inevitable next question. You do get unlimited stops so your driver will pull off for pit stops if needed.

Will we be permitted food or other snacks during our trip?

A party with no cake?!

You are welcome to bring any food you so wish, just keep in mind that this food will be on a moving vehicle where spills and messes are increased, and frosting can stain.

Will I be able to cancel my reservation if my plans change?

Sorry but no.

Once a bus is reserved we have to turn others away. We do not over book and cancel on clients as others do, we must ask for that same respect in return.

Are we required to leave the chauffeur a tip at the nights end?

Mandating a tip makes it a fee

Our drivers are paid a fair hourly wage and you are not required to pay a 20% tip as you are with other companies. You are more than welcome to if you wish.

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